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  National Architectural Awards 2014        Colapse

Green Office of TTT Architects - National Architectural Awards 2014
By Le Huy Truc, Nguyen Thi Kim Anh, Vo Cao Thang, Nguyen Suong Thuan Phuong Tram

The new office of TTT Architects has three floors with a total area of ​​only 450m2. However the layout was logically designed with all the essential function areas of a modern office and supplies enough natural light and air to every corner. In order to adhere to LEED green building standards, the architects of TTT has brought many solutions to save energy, water and other resources, save the environment by using non-toxic materials such as wood, carpets, sanitary equipment, lights, air conditioning, paints, etc. ... everything must follow the stringent safety indicators.

There is a meeting room that has modern lighting system, high-tech equipments and a small green space to provide natural light and enhance the beauty of the project. An open space helps to maximize the usage of natural light while reduce the energy used for electricity, it can also helps to boost the inspiration for the working atmosphere. The office is not restricted by oppressive walls and the staffs in different floors are connected by a mezzanine with a multifunction meeting table for various needs.

Having the first green office in Ho Chi Minh City which was designed, constructed and managed following LEED green standards, TTT's team has proved that it is totally possible to have a green building in a limited space and with a tight budget. 

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  National Architectural Awards 2010        Colapse

Unilever Beauty Corner - National Architectural Awards 2010
By Vo Tran Thu Trang, Architect

Unilever Beauty Corner has a passion for colors and curves. The space gets ideas as a modern, fashionable, luxurious beauty salon within the commercial building with the entrance that would impress you much by the gravel path installed the phrase of "Beauty Corner" as a warmest welcome to new beautiful professional look of Unilever. Furthermore, TTT has decided to use the colors that is close to nature with blue bamboo rank and colorful flowerpots for the purpose of feeling relaxed and most friendly. This is the working place but it will bring many interesting surprise for the users. Furniture supplied totally is inspired by the style of a professional beauty salon with tender curves like the way Unilever cares about customers, always aims to the beauty of human being.  



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  National Architectural Awards 2010        Colapse

HSBC Transaction Office HCMC - National Architectural Awards 2010
By Vo Cao Thang, Architect

HSBC Transaction Office HCMC by Architect Vo Cao Thang clearly shows new viewpoint for those who usually think of a solemn and majestic working atmosphere once they come to the bank to withdraw, deposit or borrow money... The central position is no longer a transaction desk as before but is replaced by the customer consultancy area; the slogan "The world's local bank" with the colors of red - black - white of HSBC logo is applied thoroughly in his design.

The image of copper drumwith Lac & Hong birds on the walls combined with the open ceilingshowing the technical system……… show the blending ofmodern styleandtraditional style. The receptionareaof personal creditservicesis represented bya youngandfriendly space ofa cafe. The juggling of color and light has erased the gap between customers and bank employees. Stepping into the VIP area, we will see a nearly different space: luxurious sofa, private counseling space designed with transparent glass walls make the space formal and airy. The whole works convey the message: Customers are the most important persons in HSBC system.



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  National Architectural Awards 2010        Colapse

RV. La Marguerite Cruise - National Architectural Awards 2010
By Ngo Thi Quynh Nga, Architect & Associates

Marguerite – like the name of Marguerite Duras, the main character in the film, has been selected as the decisive image in Quynh Nga's interior design for the project of RV. La Marguerite Cruise: gentle and romantic Vietnamese marguerites being the emotions of Sadec deck; marguerites bending in the style of Angkor overflowing Tonle deck; marguerites following soft and exquisite Chinese style (homeland of Marguerite's lover) making decorative parts for ceiling; copper flowers embellishing for staircase banister; and simple and luxurious marguerites bearing European style are emphasizing points on decorative objects throughout the compartments... The patterns on the home gate of Marguerite’s lover create decorative vignettes on floor tiles around the floor board. Rattan is primary material of sofa sets and decorative lights creating close space for the restaurant .... All provides a familiar feeling, nostalgic and real and virtual, like the Indochinese love story.





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  Vietnam Construction Quality Gold Cup 2010        Colapse

Opera View Building - Vietnam Construction Quality Gold Cup 2010
By Tran Khanh Trung, Architect & Associates

Opera View Building is selected to be the winner of Vietnam Construction Quality Gold Cup 2010 recognised by the State Department of Construction. An awards ceremony for the Construction Quality Gold Cup was held in Hanoi on November 13. This event aims to honour and promote trademarks on the quality of construction projects in the process of industrialization, modernization and international integration in the 2000-2010 period. This year’s 65 winners are selected from 270 candidates in the fields of civil construction, industry, transport, irrigation, hydroelectricity, technical infrastructure. Most of their projects were already completed and put into operation in the period between January 2000 and July 15, 2010. 


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  National Architectural Awards 2008        Colapse

Book Achitectural Space in Virtual Reality II - National Architectural Awards 2008
By Tran Minh Tam, Architect & Associates

National Architectural Awards 2008 presented a Third Prize to the Book of Architectural Space in Virtual Reality II. To celebrate the 15th anniversary, TTT publishes a bilingual book Architectural Space in Virtual Reality II. This book contains the architectural and interior designs selected from over 1,500 projects of TTT. If the content of the first book just to turn around the typical space in the office interiors than this time, the editorial group would like to introduce varieties of "spices" in design - formal in the best location as Opera View, romantic as Ngoc Lan Hotel in Dalat, prominent as Sacombank building, and sometimes very little but curious as Saigon Net Cafe... with the only criterion for the selected project to meet is to carry interesting characters in design so they can be shared with friends, colleagues. The presentation technique this time is also in contrast to the first version. The editorial members have made arduous efforts to decorate the virtual elements upon the interior spaces perspectives that look as real as photographs - some of them are hand sketches over the perspective backgrounds, or some human figures have been transformed to transparency... as to express for the perspectives: "We're not acutal facts!" The borderline between reality and virtual could have  been erased but the existence we would like to leave on are the "spirits" of our projects.

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  National Architectural Awards 2008        Colapse

Daiko Office - National Architectural Awards 2008
By Vo Cao Thang, Architect

Daiko Office by Architect Vo Cao Thang, TTT Architects has awarded Best Interior Decoration Project at the National Architectural Awards 2008. To create a working environment that carries Japanese characters strongly for an advertising company, a buisness with creative working style, specific characteristics, and to bring such environment into a modern setting, the designer of Daiko office, with the skillfulness and precision, have completed a project that satisfied the beginning requirements: a working environment that not only suitable in functionaing, but also carrying the traditional culture in style, by the mean time being lively, modernized and stylized.


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  HCMC Architectural Awards 2008        Colapse

Daiko Office - HCMC Architectural Awards 2008
By Vo Cao Thang, Architect

HCMC Architectural Awards 2006 presented  two prizes to the project of Daiko Office which are the Second Prize on the Best Work of Interior Decoration (there's no First Prize) and the First Prize on the Best Work of Architects Under 30 recognised by HCMC Architectural Association. Daiko Office - The solid and empty floats, the liberal curves, the knitting free cubes... It has made the advertising people breaking out their creative ideas. Daiko is TTT’s pride, a beautiful project showed by a style of modern renovation. It is also the combination and understanding between two companies that’s looking at the same thing: Creativeness!



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  National Architectural Awards 2006        Colapse

Hoa Binh Theater - National Architectural Awards 2006
By Tran Khanh Trung, Architect
     Tran Quang Chinh, Architect

National Architectural Awards 2006 presented a Third Prize to the project of Hoa Binh Theater. This is the theatre with various kinds of performance, and having the largest scale in HCMC. Main material is wood. Rhythm creation techniques were used with technical components. They included the linkage and harmonious coordination of curved ceiling panels, running horizontally and overlapping each other at the edges and of the parallel wooden stripes running vertically on the walls, in different heights and in lesser and lesser number. The rhythm impression is even stronger as the wall lights emit vertical light stripes, dividing the walls into regular lines as if they were flickering piano keys. This rhythmic arrangement has created a lively and harmonious theatre interior. Moreover, the luxurious and cozy color of the wooden layer occupying a large area of the hall also brought a sense of friendliness to the audience.

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  National Architectural Awards 2006        Colapse

Teamwork Prize – National Architectural Awards 2006

Honor Award for TTT Architects

National Architectural Awards has been developed to recognise and promote interprofessional teamwork in the architectural professions. National Architectural Awards 2006 - Teamwork Prize was given to TTT Architects thanks to our active participation in many years with a lot of achievements (Sending out a number of competitive document and winning many Prizes since 2002)


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